Build 1 Revenue team, consisting of Marketing, Sales and Services (Customer Success)

Revenue generation is no longer the exclusivity of Sales. Marketing, Sales and Services (or Customer Success) all take charge of stages in your customer journey. Most probably Marketing is in the lead (or in control) first, before Sales takes over till customer engagement. Finally, your Services (Customer Success) own the relation with the client. As illustrated in the image, your customer journey should operate - if optimised - as a perpetuum mobile. However, at each handover moment, there is a risk to lose traction with the customer. Here we will especially focus on the handover from Services back to Marketing (or Sales), when leads and opportunities are identified in existing clients, and need to be picked up

You ask

How to make our IT, Finance, Legal, Marketing, Fiscal, HR, ... experts pay attention to other needs our clients may have?

How to grow our experts from being task-oriented only to task- and people-oriented?

Who is skilled enough to make the shift from expert to ambassador?

Why is it a no brainer for our organisation and our experts - what's in it for them? - to run such a Services Ambassadors program?

What is the reference behavior expected from an ambassador?

We answer

We run a short survey first - with a representative number of experts - to help us understand:

- The existing (dis-)comfort zones of the participants in terms of customer communication and collaboration

- The products and services that require additional market push

- The materials available to promote your products or services

- The client contacts your experts are usually dealing with

- The expectations from your experts to make them more at ease in interactions with clients

The survey will rightsize and tailor the scope of the Services Ambassadors program, leading to instant buy-in from the participants

Build 1 Revenue team, consisting of Marketing, Sales and Services (Customer Success)

If you grow your experts into ambassadors, customers will buy more from them

You ask

How can we improve customer satisfaction?

How can we enhance customer loyalty?

How can we generate more leads and opportunities in existing clients?

How can we improve billability of our experts?

How can we prepare our Services professionals for 'difficult' conversations? (e.g. change request, set expectations right, dealing with rejection or dissatisfaction)

How can we promote offerings which are less in scope of our Sales teams?

How can we further grow the profitability of our Professional Services teams?

How can we give more recognition to our Services professionals?

We answer

Since 2011, we run a Services Ambassadors program tailored with your products, your services and including familiar customer scenarios

1 month after, we animate a Follow-up session allowing your Services Ambassadors to learn from each others experiences, based on what did (not) work in their day-to-day, and why. There is of course room for further tuning of Ambassadors' behavior

To guarantee adoption or permanent behavior change, we align with your HR management about an Ambassadors recognition program